Antivirus Replacement NTN Sudamericana

100% Complete

Project Description

Rreplacement of Kaspersky antivirus with Bitdefender
Desicion made based on compatibility between Kaspersky and Windows 10


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Project Progress

100% Progress

100% Timing

Start Date

abril 1, 2019

End Date

abril 12, 2019


Complete Milestones


2 / 2 Completed


  • 50% Removal of Kasperskyabril 10, 2019

    Removal of Kaspersky antivirus from all the machines

  • 100% Installation of Bitdefenderabril 12, 2019

    Installation and configuration of Bitdefender

Project Discussion 2 Responses to Antivirus Replacement

  1. abril 11, 2019 a las 8:30 am

    Not completed installations: Gustavo Rovagnati and Renso Luzquinos.
    Contacted Renso Luzquinos and he is in Arequipa on a job assignment, he will be available for the installation process next Monday, April 15,2019
    Contacted Gustavo and we will proceed and complete the installation tomorrow April 12, 2019.

  2. abril 18, 2019 a las 11:01 am

    Project completed and closed

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