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They are great for pools with small debris (leaves of different plants, flowers) and areas with dust.

If you want to clean the pool completely you need more than just one item, so also the price raises a lot and consequently, you came near the price of a normal pool cleaner. Ones which don’t have it aren’t so effective and also most of them need a separated built port. Product Features and Technical Details I have also made automatic pool cleaner reviews, so if you are interested in a specific type or model, just search across the website or go straight to the pool vacuum reviews subheading to find which models I reviewed. If you have a pool which is made for pressure side cleaners than you can also easily use suction pool cleaners. Kreepy Krauly is not the single pool cleaner in the planet. Look below and find things that will help you, so your pool will be cleaned easily. Suction pool cleaners There are billions more. What Should You Consider Before Buying? Suction Side pool cleaners are cleaners which are used a lot nowadays. So, what makes Kreepy Krauly products so above the rest? There are some things you should consider before you choose & order an automatic pool sweeper. If we compare them with pressure pool cleaners, they are good because they don’t need a separate pump to work. 1.     It’s Completely Automatic §  First of all, you should always have in mind the size of your pool. They are made, so they can move around the pool’s walls and bottom while vacuuming debris and dirt. There is only one reason why people bother to buy pool cleaners. The bigger it is, the better cleaner you will need. The automatic suction pool cleaner work like this that it’s get attached to the suction side of the pool plumbing. It is to save them the energy of cleaning their pool manually. §  Next thing you should look at is the quality of the cleaner. This can be the skimmer or the separate port made just for the cleaner. The founder must have thought of that first hand because they made the Kreepy Krauly automatic. I recommend using a high-quality cleaner. How does it work? The dirt goes through the hose into the strainer basket of the pool pump. It means you barely need to lift a muscle. Why? If you have a high-quality cleaner your pool will be always clean and in great shape. They are great for pools with small debris (leaves of different plants, flowers) and areas with dust. The product does most of the work for you. Another important thing why you should get a high-quality pool cleaner is because by this you will also save money in the long term. If you have a pool with more and larger debris you should use a leaf canister, so you prevent from clogging and blockage of the filter and also of the pool pump basket. 2.     You Can Adjust the Dive Float How? If you order low-quality pool cleaner which is not so good, it will ruin quicker and you will have to buy it more times.