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Lempira was ultimately murdered while negotiating with the Spaniards. After his demise, resistance quickly disintegrated, although some preventing continued via 1539. Renewed preventing among the Spaniards, revolts, and decimation of the settled indigenous inhabitants through disease, mistreatment, and exportation of enormous numbers to the Caribbean islands as slaves left the colony on the edge of collapse by 1534. The Spanish crown renamed the depressed province as Honduras-Higueras, subdividing it into two districts.

Lempira established his base on a fortified hill known as the Peñol de Cerquín and until 1538 efficiently defeated all efforts to subdue him. Inspired by his examples, other native inhabitants began disgusting, and the complete district of Higueras appeared imperiled.

Smuggling, particularly on the Caribbean coast, was also a major problem. Although mining provided much of the restricted revenue Honduras generated for the Spanish crown, a majority of the inhabitants had been engaged in agriculture. Attempts to promote agricultural exports had limited success, nonetheless, and most manufacturing remained on a subsistence degree.

The enforced labor, however, led to renewed resistance by the native folks that culminated in a significant uprising in 1537. The leader of the uprising was a capable young Lenca chieftain known as Lempira .

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If something, the province turned extra rural through the seventeenth and 18th centuries. As a result of financial declines or overseas attacks, a number of town governments merely ceased to perform during this period. By the late 1540s, Honduras appeared headed for relative prosperity and influence, a improvement marked by the establishment in 1544 of the regional audiencia of Guatemala with its capital at Gracias, Honduras. The audiencia was a Spanish governmental unit encompassing both judicial and legislative capabilities whose president held the extra titles of governor and captain common . The location of the capital was bitterly resented by the extra populous facilities in Guatemala and El Salvador, and in 1549 the capital of the audiencia was moved to Antigua, Guatemala.

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The preliminary mining centers were situated near the Guatemalan border, around Gracias. In the early 1540s, the center for mining shifted eastward to the Río Guayape Valley, and silver joined gold as a significant product. This change contributed to the speedy decline of Gracias and the rise of Comayagua as the middle of colonial Honduras. The demand for labor also led to additional revolts and accelerated the decimation of the native inhabitants.

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While the Spanish had nice success within the conquest and colonization of the Pacific components of the country, that they had much less success within the north. The northeastern area, identified to the Spanish by a Nahuatl name Taguzgalpa, resisted repeated makes an attempt at conquest efficiently.

The earliest settlers established coastal ports at Puerto de Caballos (at present’s Puerto Cortés), Trujillo and Gracias a Dios, in addition to inside posts at San Pedro Sula and Naco. The latter skilled some growth throughout a quick gold rush within the 16th century, however in subsequent intervals declined. There is a few evidence that the Spanish presence was pretty strictly limited to just these towns and that a fairly thickly settled countryside was utterly outdoors their control. However, in a lot of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the Spanish on the Pacific aspect shipped good across the uncontrolled house to the ports for trans-shipment to Spain.

As a result, African slavery was introduced into Honduras, and by 1545 the province could have had as many as 2,000 slaves. Other gold deposits were found near San Pedro Sula and the port of Trujillo. On the japanese side of the north coast, the Spanish had more luck.

Orders or grants for conquest were issued in 1545, 1562, 1567 and 1594, with no appreciable Spanish progress being reported. When these efforts failed, the Spanish attempted to “reduce” Taguzgalpa and neighboring Tologalpa via missionary efforts that began in 1604 and continued intermittently throughout the remainder of the Spanish period. In their efforts the missionaries sought to transform the inhabitants to Christianity and to steer them to settle in missionary supervised new villages. While some reported conversions within the 1000’s, the total number resettled never quantity to more than a few hundred. The discovery of gold and silver deposits attracted new settlers and elevated the demand for indigenous labor.