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shark pool vacuum



This automatic pool cleaner is powered by a superb hydraulic design to offer an outstanding vacuuming power to users. Alongside a superior cleaning speed, it also provides its buyers with the free skimming regulation feature. The combination of these two characteristics makes it easier to regulate or control the flow of water while cleaning the surface of a swimming pool.

Whether one uses it on a dish-shaped pool or a pool with a flat surface, it is tailor-made to work on either kind of surfaces without any glitch. Speaking of the dimensions of the robotic cleaner, it measures (7x17x32.5) inches. Besides, it also consists of a hose which measures up to 32 feet in length.

Unlike the other pool cleaning equipment available in the market at present, this one takes a swimming pool vacuum different appearance. Going by the opinion of the people who have bought and used the product, a majority of them are satisfied with its stellar performance. Among the leading online stores around the world, the product is available at its best price at Amazon.

It bears the design of the most favorable suction-side cleaner among different kinds of pool cleaning equipment manufactured in the industry thus far.

The remarkable properties or highlights of the equipment are given below.


  • Superior hydraulic design to facilitate vacuuming
  • A single operational moving part for hassle-free replacement of wheels and more reliable cleaning cleaning
  • Efficient regulation of water by virtue of free skimming valve
  • Vacuuming and skimming of surface debris at the same time



SharkVac Robotic Pool replaces the older versions of the robotic cleaner. It is safe to have this cleaner in pools that range between 20-40 feet in dimensions. Haywards SharkVAC is packed with the latest features of pool vacuum cleaners from the Tiger Shark family. A couple of porosity filtration elements complement its sleek design which is meant for cleaning specific pool surfaces. It is also capable to work with the pool vacuum walmart

There are two remarkable features about this robotic cleaner. These two striking characteristics, that separate this model of robotic floor cleaner from the other models, have a unique access debris chamber at the top and make use of a genuine filtration cartridge procedure. This prevents the cartridge from being put into an inverted position. Also, it gives pool owners the much-needed break from the need to wear waist messy and cumbersome bags. And what is the best part of this portable pool vacuum model and brand of robotic who cleaners? Well, it is obvious: not only is it gentle but also compatible with a majority of pool surfaces. Even as one feels the need of getting rid of stubborn dirt, this equipment works like a charm.

Lastly, it is also considered as one of the most economical cleaners available in the market. Interestingly, it just uses the power required to light a bulb to clean the large surface area of a messy pool.

Here is a list of some of the important characteristics of the such cleaner.


  • Fine porosity filtration elements
  • Manufactured with original TigerShark components
  • Debris chamber
  • Kevlar reinforced power cord
  • 24 VDC transformer
  • Convenient KD caddy